Day 27 Mon 8/17 Like a Movie

We figured 5 hours for the crossing from Provincetown to the Cape Cod canal, so we left at 6am to arrive with the current going the right direction through the canal. Once we cleared the cape, the wind and waves were no tamer than the previous days and we had such a strong wind that we could have made it in 3 1/2 hours. Bryan added another reef to the main, and had only a handkerchief-size jib out, and still we were trying to slow ourselves down so we wouldn’t arrive with the tide going out. This only amplified the roll of the waves. It was like a movie, grey, raining, blustery with Bryan in his yellow rain gear yelling directions while I was getting splashed by bucketfuls as the occasional wave splashed into the cockpit right over the lifeline. I went through three changes of clothing for want of a pair of rain pants.

Once we came to the canal, it stopped raining, we were sliding along flat waters at 8 to 9 knots. I called my parents, as this was their old stomping ground and took pictures of the railroad bridge for my dad. This seemed like a different world than from which we came.

We had a lovely, gentle sail from there to Quissett, anchored in the inner harbor and accepted an invitation for homemade dinner and a hot shower from our friends Paula and David Isenberg. They have excellent internet, so I was able to do my weekly 8pm FB-live spot from there. 
We returned to the boat and it happened to be the best night of the year for the glowing jellyfish, or sea walnuts. As we rowed out to the boat, our oars revealed a carnival of loops and ribbons of light on both sides.