Day 26 Sun 8/16 Another Rip & Land Ho

I had managed only brief moments of actual sleep when the waves quieted down in the wee hours of the morning, and Bryan even less, resting in the cockpit on watch. But 5:30am brought the orange glow of sunrise on the horizon and the return of 7 foot waves and blustery winds. I took the tiller while Bryan scrambled around the deck adjusting the sails to accommodate the changing wind gusts. He noticed another tear in the mainsail, so he reefed the sail above the rip, to repair it later. We hope this sail will make it to the end of our voyage and are glad we have a new sail on order, thanks to our friend Tom Hankinson, who’s birthday gift I put towards the downpayment on a sail, setting the process in motion.

We spotted land, Cape Cod, but it was hours before getting there. Once we rounded the cape which is shaped like a curled up fist we had the current, waves, wind and rain all in our face. We finally dropped anchor at the first beach that was protected from the wind, exhausted and finally in calm waters, we prepared to bed down and called our new friend Nicholas. He told us of an east weather system coming our way, and we were anchored in quite on the wrong place. So, we pulled anchor and motored to the other side of the bay for a cozy quinoa dinner down below, and a full night sleep with the gentle sound of wind and rain on the deck, to set sail again in the morning .