Day 30 Thu 8/20 Small World in Great Salt Pond

We returned the tupperware container, together with a music gift, to Bro and Phoebe, anchoring next to us.  Bryan had further repairs to do on the sail before we could depart, so I worked on editing The water is wide her guitar orchestra, for the upcoming All-Star guitar night,while Brian was occupied with thread and needle. We set sail about 8:30 AM. It was a day of continuous changing of sails, as the wind couldn’t figure out just exactly what it wanted to do.

When we reached block Island, instead of a more solitary cove along the other side ofthe island. we opted for the social atmosphere of the Great Salt Pond where hundreds of boats were anchored. . Boats filed in like a parade. We finally found a spot. A dinghy came by, it was Jim from Orion, who we had met I believe last year! We happened to anchor right next to his boat.