Day 31 Fri 8/21 Mission Montauk Abandoned

Bryan stitching the mainsail

The Italian bakery boat came by in the morning shouting “Andiamo” (“We’re coming” in Italian) as it has for many years in the Great Salt Pond harbor in Block Island. We grabbed our masks as usual and flagged it down. Chatting with the two young men in the motorboat we learned that business was very light this year, so we were happy to support them in the form of two cheese pastries. 

The wind was coming out of the west, the wrong direction for our return to Fire Island Inlet,  but nevertheless Bryan figured we could fight the wind waves as far as Montauk Lake, to arrive in time for dinner, as we have a standing invite for dinner outdoors at the Roos’s house, where I had spent many a happy summer vacation. Bryan figured when he thought the tide was going out, but as soon as we left the harbor, the wind and waves picked up so much that even with the 20hp motor, we were only going 3 knots. It was straining the sails so much that we didn’t think our old mainsail would last through the end of the crossing, So, even though Anne’s cooking would almost be worth it, we reluctantly turned around and sailed back to Block Island. The winds would be lighter the following day.

Back at harbor Bryan stitched a corner by the clew of the sail and we worked on “The Water is Wide, I Can’t Coss O’er” video. 
That sundown was met by a festive chorus of boat horns, so I called Pamela to join us via phone, and then called Tom to enjoy the last of the horns with us.