Day 23 Living Out A Dream

Bryan has been talking about acting out a humorous dream sequence for some weeks, and put together an ambitious shot list requiring actors and large hard-to-find props. He solicited the help of his former employer and mentor, great photographer and videographer Bob Kryst. Bryan said when they were working together Bob was frequently referred to as “the Great One” because he was not only a brilliant photographer but also very kind and wise. It was a real honor and fun to work with Bob as well as Frank who helped facilitate and loaned me a lovely Larivee guitar for the shoot and  Nick Apollonio who had a large acting part. Despite Bob’s initial concern that it was too ambitious to shoot in one day, we finished ahead of schedule. Now, Bryan has many hours of video editing ahead of him. I am not yet permitted to say more about this because it’s slated to appear as a surprise on an upcoming episode of AcousticSailing.