Day 24 Captain Jim Sharp

We spent an extra day in Rockland while Nick installed a new custom pickup in the Emerald harp guitar. It was a good day for Bryan to interview Captain Jim Sharp at the Sail Power and Steam museum. Captain Jim was hosting a large lobster bake in a tent out back for a cruise ship, entertained the customers with lobster tricks, getting a lobster to balance on his front claws, and sang along with the band. He will be 88 in August and stays busy with many projects including building a whole new structure to house vintage ships. His love of sailing and the large schooners shines from his eyes. 

As we were rowing back to the boat we saw Gordon Bok in front of his houseboat. I rowed back over to say hello and he told me about his early days starting as a dishwasher on Jim Sharp’s windjammer, the Stephen Taber. This is the same boat that we anchored next to and boarded last year. There is a fun video on that posted on Acoustic Sailing.I’m still awkward with rowing, and I don’t have the confidence to know I can outpace the swift tides in Maine. I will have to take some time in a bay to figure out some of the basics to maneuver the way Bryan does so easily.
We sailed to Rockport to be closer to Nick who was still working on the harp guitar.

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