Camden Regatta

Day 25 Camden Rock & Roll

I hope you can join me at 7pm EDT on my YouTube or FB page for Monday Live—a hello and a couple tunes. Here is the latest update for my First Mate’s Log.

We heard there was a classic boat regatta in Camden, just a little north of us, so we sailed there and found a place to anchor behind Curtis, a small island. Nick met us at the shore with the harp guitar. We took him to lunch overlooking Sharp’s Point, a boat yard developed by Jim Sharp many years ago. After a run for groceries we returned to the boat, rowing back in a steady rain. Bryan had mused about continuing on to Pulpit Harbor but thought we would be protected from the waves enough by the small island we were anchored next to. Unfortunately the wind increased and changed direction, with a fetch clear across Penobscott Bay, coming in hard on either side of the island. The boat rocked and thrashed about, with the boat’s creaking sounds accomplished by pans & dishes clattering about. This continued until sunrise. Not much sleep was to be had this night.