Day 31 Shanties from a Schooner (First Mate’s Log)

The Sweet Chariot Festival has been going on for some 20 odd years, and I could see many people have made longtime friends here. The community and sheer joy of sharing music  reminded me of how I grew up with the Jones School of Folk Music and the Old Town School of Folk Music. Say, if you are within striking distance of the OTS in Chicago I will be returning to play there on Saturday Sep 25th, and then the DuPage County Fairgrounds on Sep 26th. (Info is on

We had reconnected after 21 years with former guitar workshop organizer Michael Erkkinen, who happened to be anchoring in a nearby cove during my Monday Live. We sailed over to the other side of the harbor where he had dropped anchor. I donned my pirates cap and we rowed out to his schooner, insisting we were taking over the boat. The guys shared plastic cups of rum and I played some tunes on my McPherson carbon fiber guitar. We watched from there as the festival schooner filled with singers came by and sang shanties to us. There is a short clip you can see on my Youtube channel. I even accompanied them on the Sloop John B. Real stuff of memories. I didn’t imbibe in much rum, as I had a set to play in the concert that evening. Annagret, a German lady who played African drum joined me on A Baker’s Dozen and the French tune.
After the concert we got a ride to Mike Williams’s house where the famous after-party was held. There was great music there as well, and we stayed until late into the night.

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