Day 32 Another NASA Contact 8-5

I’ve gotten a bit behind on my First Mate’s log, so will try to catch up!

It was a rainy morning, so we thought we’d wait until to rain let up to row to shore and make our way to the Sweet Chariot Festival festivities. However, every time the rain seemed to start to subside another deluge came down. At the record table the previous night a very nice guy with a slight German accent had requested one of my Nightlight Daylight CDs, which I had back at the boat. It turns out his boat was anchored nearby, so he called us and rowed over in full rain gear. We invited him onboard for a cup of hot tea, and had a nice visit. Josef works for NASA and was interested in my music, particularly “View from Space” to use for a possible presentation of their work. I’d love to be a part of his project. It seems I keep crossing paths with various branches of NASA many times as I tour. 

The rain never did let up, so finally we had a late dinner onboard, making good use of the two lobsters hanging in a net bag off the side of the boat that we bought from the lobstermen a few days ago. A good consolation for our hermit-like day.

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