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Day 38 Pell Island Fog

We awake to fog so thick that we couldn’t see from the boat to the water. Eventually the fog cleared enough to see the island, and a bit of sky cleared enough for some warmth to come through. I donned my swimsuit and we rowed to the island to get a brief swim near the […]


Day 32 Another NASA Contact 8-5

I’ve gotten a bit behind on my First Mate’s log, so will try to catch up! It was a rainy morning, so we thought we’d wait until to rain let up to row to shore and make our way to the Sweet Chariot Festival festivities. However, every time the rain seemed to start to subside […]


Day 21 Silvery Images 7/25

We slept well and were surprised that the outward bound boat anchored near us was so courteous, and wondered how 13 girls on a 30 foot upen boat could be so quiet. We also wondered how they slept in the makeshift tent of a sailcloth dropped over a boom.We bid a temporary farewell to Nick, […]