Swan's Island

Day 33 Photo Tour of Swan’s Island 8-6

In the morning we took advantage of the B and B’s shower and laundry that had been arranged for us. Our first laundry of the trip, and I was surprised that we’ve been able to suffice with a very small wardrobe. Then we tried to hitchike to the only tiny grocery store on the island without luck. So, it was a long walk but I suppose needed exercise. Now, with two bags of fresh groceries, I decided to take a slight detour to Oddfellows Hall to see if there was anyone still there from the festival who might agree to give us a lift back. Several merchants were setting up for a craft show, but we spotted someone leaving the kitchen. It was Gary, the husband of Annagret who joined me onstage, and who had just finished the last of the cleanup from the festival. He was on his way to Doug Day’s house so we hopped in the car and went with him, to have another nice visit there, and then joined Peter and Lisa for a tour of the island in their car. There was a small freshwater quarry where people were swimming. I was impressed at how clean and algae-free the water was, with minnows swimming around. A local told us that a neighbor had spread across it Dawn dishwashing detergent earlier in the season. At the end of the afternoon Gary was so kind as to give us a lift back to the road that led to the dinghy dock.