Day 4 Cape Cod to Plymouth 7/8

The alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning and we got up and under sail right away to get to the Cape cod Canal by 5:30 AM for a nice brisk sail through the canal while the current was going in our direction. However on the north side of the canal the winds and choppy waves were against us so instead of continuing as far as Scituate Massachusetts we briefly considered mooring right at the north end of the canal, but decided to take our original mooring reservation in Plymouth. We got one of the last moorings available, #8, right near the Mayflower, a beautifully renovated accurate reproduction of the original.

We enjoyed coming ashore and seeing Plymouth Rock and several historical sights.

However, it looks like the track of tropical storm Elsa has shifted, putting us right in its track. Fortunately our mooring is behind a breakwater and Bryan tied a second line to our mooring ball and secured the mainsail cover with extra ropes. The present calm reminds me of my piece for guitar and cello, The Calm Before the Storm.

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