Day 5 Storm Elsa 7/9

I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to an erie calm and misty pink & gray sky. I drifted off again until I heard the first of the rain coming down. We stayed onboard to await tropical storm Elsa, securely attached to a mooring. We only had a little while of howling winds and horizontal rain kicking up white misty froth on the water, bouncing the boats around in the harbor. Then the sky turned bright white and it was calm. I thought the storm was over until it came back again from the opposite direction, giving us a hint that we may have experienced the eye of the storm. It was cozy inside. Bryan has worked hard over the past weeks to eliminate interior leaks on old sailboat Avocet, but as I sit here with a drip hitting my head, this storm made it apparent there are still a number of small ones around the hatches and windows. Happy to be snug here at harbor in Plymouth as they were estimating 12-15 foot waves out on the ocean.

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