day 6 tuna

Day 6 The Mayflower Tuna 7/10

The morning was calm after the storm, so Bryan and I decided to see a little of Plymouth history. We went to the Plimouth Plantation, not only a recreation of an early Pilgrim village, but with witty people reinacting the characters of the first settlement. I learned so many interesting things about the settlers while interacting directly with them, even doing country circle dance with my partner here, Captain Miles Standish. 
Afterward toured the Mayflower II, also very interesting and recently renovated. I called my parents to ask when we visited there last and my mother said it was early June 1967! That sounds right—how does she remember so many things?
We took a launch back to our sailboat, moored only a few hundred feet from Mayflower. The two commercial fishermen in the boat next to us that Bryan had spoken to the night before had just returned and they called out to us. “Do you want some tuna?” They gave us…wow… a generous chunk of fresh caught fish. I handed them my Eclipse CD as a thank you.
We then motor-sailed 17 miles against the wind to Scituate, a little less than halfway to Gloucester. I played some guitar on the deck and a concert beautiful sunset and fireworks accompanied our seared tuna dinner.
Well, more to share but it’s late and time to turn in for the night.

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