Day 41 Meteor Shower & Brimstone 8-14

Here is the link to a recent Acoustic Sailing episode

I woke in the middle of the night to the sounds of two owls singing together. Bryan was not beside me, so since it was the night of the Perseod Meteor shower I figured he must have rowed out to the island to photograph the stars. I opened the hatch to hoist myself out without bringing in too many mosquitos. Right away, there were bright shooting stars coming from two directions. Then a little star falling downwards on the other side of the sky. I’d never seen such a display of meteors before. The milky way extended across in the sky, with the brightest stars reflected into the water. Then I saw another array of lights whisking across the water. It was the oars of the dinghy activating swirls of luminescence in the water as Bryan rowed back to the sailboat to get another camera. We both marveled at this triple display of lights as the owls accompanied with their hooting. Bryan made a second trip to the island, and when he returned I had just about finished swatting the last of the mosquitos that made their way into the cabin, and had written part of a new tune. We both managed to fall soundly asleep again even though a golden glow was already appearing on the horizon. The boat’s radio predicted thunderstorms in the afternoon and only patchy fog in the morning, so we thought we’d sail to a place that Bryan had wanted to see for some time, Brimstone Island, a small rocky outcropping inhabited only by birds, in particular an important nesting spot for the Leach’s Kestrel.  The shore was lined with large pebbles, rounded by years of ocean currents. We climbed up on the rocks and mossy hillsides with a fantastic view on all sides. I played “The Gathering” there, and filmed it. Bryan wanted to stay anchored for the night at Brimstone, but the wind had changed direction, bringing huge swells that set the sailboat rocking. Reluctantly, he set sail for a more protected harbor. It’s a good thing, because we found out later that the bottom there is lined with kelp and the anchor wouldn’t have held!

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