Day 42 White Islands

After a rather marginal pancake breakfast from a box that dated back to Bryan’s early years aboard the boat, we headed towards the White Islands. We anchored near a few other boats. Bryan redeemed himself by making the bruschetta from our Acoustic Chef book for lunch. Mmm. We rowed to shore to hike about and see if we could circumnavigate the small island. A short ways in one direction we ran into a group of skinny dippers, so we tiptoed backwards and decided to go the other way around. The huge rocks edging the ocean became progressively steeper until even Bryan agreed to head back. I found a narrow strip of shell-beach where the water was slightly warmer, so went for a bit of a swim there while Bryan talked with Andy, the owner of nearby dinghy named “Hey Bub,” and they exchanged sailing wisdom and dinghy stories.

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