Day 44 Two Ships passing in the Day 8-17

We had hoped to see Nick Apollonio while we were in Rockland—luthier, actor in Bryan’s vignette film, and our very first friend along the coast of Maine. However, today was a rare good sailing day so Nick seized the opportunity to set out and convene with the his sailboat. I enjoyed a morning of composing music and Bryan of charting our next stops.  I took the helm as we left the harbor. I was trying to avoid a boat coming towards me while dodging lobster pots. When we passed at close distance we could see it was none other than Nick, coming back from his sail. (OK, not the three-masted schooner in the photo, we saw that later while we were amongst the islands.) We waved and exchanged sailorly greetings, heading towards the beautiful group of islands called Muscle Ridge, coincidentally a spot where we had previously met up with Nick and his son on their boat.

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