Day 45 Allen Island & Mystery Island

Muscle ridge gave us a lovely sunrise, revealing at low tide an impressive number of rocks that are submerged and hidden at high tide. We abandoned one approach last night because it seemed there might be too many rocks and glad we did!

En route to Allen island we went a bit south to get a better angle on the wind. This brought us close to Matinic Island. Bryan thought it might be nice to anchor there. However, there were sudden shallow areas and a buoy that didn’t appear on the chart. The island was rocky with something that looked like large illegible signs on it. Bryan sensed something unsettling about the place so we turned around and continued on to a small channel at Allen Island.
On one shore is the charming Wyatt homestead, and the other a winding lane with a few homes and a historic stone cross. Despite both sides of the channel being private they had several guest moorings. A gentleman and his college-age daughter Ellie on a neighboring boat invited us onboard for wine and cheese—very welcoming!

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