Day 49 Cloudburst Awaiting Storm

We had planned to be at Boothbay Harbor only a day or two but hurricane Elsa has been making tracks up the coast and we want to be securely on a mooring should the winds be strong. This is already the fourth day here, so we will pay the harbormaster for yet another day on the mooring as Elsa is now scheduled to come through this area tomorrow, although much weakened.
John and Deb were kind enough to give us a lift to and from the grocery store to pick up some fresh food. While we rowed back to Avocet there was a cloudburst. We and our produce were adequately re-rinsed. Wouldn’t you know it, once we got onboard it stopped.
Jim and Wijnanda at the neighboring Vandastadt boat invited us to dinner. They were great company. Wijnanada is Dutch and her scalloped potatoes were particularly excellent.

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