Day 50 Surprise Scotch

As we await hurricane Ida, I recollect Henri from last week. Coincidentally Bryan’s parents’ names. He jests that they have come back to chase him around again. Here is the next entry from my First Mate’s Log.

Fortunately what once was hurricane Henri has now fizzled into barely a whisper as it passed over us. I spent much of the day figuring out how to get securely online for my Monday Live, and finally found a combination of sitting outside the Whale Tale restaurant within view of our anchored boat, tapping their internet into my phone and doing a hotspot to my computer. My tech guru Deb Cormish in NC was on hand in case my internet failed. The Whale Tail had a sign on the door that it closed for the season a day ago, due to lack of help (!?) but their internet was still open.

I was answering some comments live during my streaming, and one person commented how nice it was to be sitting with a scotch and watching my live stream. I said in jest “that’s what I’m missing.” A few moments later I saw an arm reach in front of me with a scotch on the rocks in a glass! It was Eric from the houseboat “Working Remote” tied up to the dock. After the Monday Live was over I stopped at their boat and had a nice visit with Eric and his wife Louise, who bought a copy of my Acoustic Chef book. Louise has an instagram page called cookingontheboat. I may make some of her creations.

Photo by Eric Ronshaugen. Just a note to Illinois friends, the DuPage County Arts Fair has been postponed to the spring, but I’m still scheduled for the Old Town School in September, and there’s also an online workshop you can attend from home. Hope to see you then!

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