Day 51 Harpswell Visit

We upped anchor and left Boothbay, sailing to the bottom of Harpswell Neck, and then dropped the sails to motor up the long channel. We were met by a  small motorboat . It was  Frank, who had helped us a couple weeks ago with the important props in Bryan’s vignette film. (I am not yet permitted to devulge, it will be in an upcoming episode of the AcousticSailing YouTube channel.) He took us to his lovely home where we prepared steak chimichurri from our Acoustic Chef book. Frank’s wife Meredith had picked up beautiful cuts of filet mignon which Bryan cooked on the grill. It was some of the best steak I had ever tasted, and a memorable evening. Before dinner I taught their granddaughters how to make paper boats and after dinner Frank played some of his songs on piano and we passed a guitar back and forth. I was sorry to have to leave, but was quite fatigued and knew I needed rest for the next day’s travels.

I later made this video for you just as the rains were starting.

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