Day 58 Mystery of Weepecket

We stopped at Weepecket Island. Bryan anchored off shore and rowed in as I swam to shore, taking advantage of the warm day and finally a chance for real exercise. When I got to shore we saw many dead seagulls in the beach, and the juvenile ones walking around looked sickly. I remembered last year we had run into the same thing, only at this island. What is poisoning the gulls is still a mystery to me, but I didn’t spend much time there, and swam back to the boat.

There are two small islands off the side of Weepecket, called Weeweepecket, and Weeweeweepecket.

The afternoon’s activity was a visit to Menensha on Martha’s Vireyard, the quaint fishing town that appears in the opening scene of the movie Jaws. Definitely one of the cutest villages.

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