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Laughing at HGG-by pease

Ladies of the Harp Guitar

Harpguitars.net is featuring women harp guitarists this month. The notable quote is “A class act who I enjoy most when we get her slap-happy with uncontrollable crying laughter.” …author Gregg Miner. http://harpguitars.net/blog/2021/03/women-in-harp-guitar-history-todays-history-makers/

Annual Concert Nov 28

Annual Concert Nov 28

1/2 pound of homemade fudge comes with a “full experience” ticket. My aunt & uncle’s fudge is worth the cost of admission, plus you get an interactive concert Saturday after Thanksgiving with me and… hold on to your hat… the great TOMMY EMMANUEL! Check it out at murielanderson.com/DG


Harp Guitar Gathering

Great to see friends at the virtual HGG. Thanks also to Stephen Bennett for putting this together. I’ll be posting the tune I played on my youtube channel Monday at 7:30pm EDT.