Day 16 Instrument Handoff at Dolphin

We sailed to Dolphin Marina where we met with a class of 14 middle school kids from the Harpswell Academy where they are starting a new music department. We happened to have just enough ukes, plus a student violin and a full size guitar that we were able to donate for their program. I did a workshop for the kids and then we rowed back to the boat, now with much more space in the forepeak where we had been carrying the instruments all the way from Long Island NY.

Frank and Meredith Wnek took us to a seafood dinner at the marina restaurant, which was quite good. In the episode entitled “News and Secrets” on our AcousticSailing YouTube channel, Bryan had referenced a secret, that Frank is helping to facilitate. I am not yet permitted to say more…

Lobster boats circling the marina set our sailboat rocking so vigorously that after dinner we left the mooring. After a short motor/sail we anchored between two islands nearby, hoping the lobster boats don’t check their traps too early. The entire area is peppered with lobster traps seemingly any place there is water.

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