Day 15 Visit to Bourgeois Factory 7/19

After breakfast at a local cafe dating back to the early 1900’s Dana Bourgeois picked us up for a tour of his factory. My brother-in-law and I had together bought one of his guitars only a couple years ago, so I was interested to see how the instruments were made. It was fascinating, such attention to detail. The entire area was an old industrial area with factories, some abandoned and some still in use, lining the river. Dana Bourgeois had loaned me a guitar for the concert and he let me borrow it an extra day to do today’s Monday Live show with guests Denny Breau (remotely) and Sean Mencher. After the Monday Live Sean, Bryan and I went to the last pizza restaurant still open, where after some gentle arm twisting, we took out our guitars and I showed Sean the variation to “The Claw” that Jerry Reed had shown me backstage so many years ago.

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