Day 14 Concert at Cadenza & The Flukes

We slept on the sailboat as we have every night of the trip. It rained through much of the night and into the morning, so Bryan had to bail out the dinghy and we rowed out in pouring rain. Even with rain jackets we were quite drenched. It’s a good thing all my instruments, gear, performing clothes, and a dozen ukuleles were already at the venue.  The local ukulele group, the Falmouth Flukes, helped to tune the ukes and performed some spirited tunes for the kids who had arrived for the workshop and for the free ukuleles that we had brought with us, supplied by Sam Ash and Hungry for Music.  The Flukes performed some spirited tunes and their sense of joy was contagious.

I grabbed a bit to eat and prepared for the 4pm concert. Bryan’s visuals behind me went perfectly, and it was so great to play for such an appreciative audience at Cadenza. As Chet Atkins would say, they were so appreciative they were throwing babies in the air! The concert will be live for a couple weeks at this link: