Day 13 Lenny Breau Tribute

We set sail early and arrived in South Freeport Harbor, just past Pound of Tea Island. The island is just big enough for one charming house and the name describes its original purchase price from the Indians. We arrived in the morning with enough time to go two blocks from the venue to the famous LL Bean complex, an impressive collection of buildings.  I picked up a nice hat with sun protection and a chin strap, but in the huge store still no luck to find pants with pockets deep enough that my phone doesn’t fall out and that fit me… nothing in size 1.

It was fun to swap stories about the late Lenny Breau and jam backstage with his brother Denny Breau, Sean Mencher and Hugh Bowden. We extended that energy onstage and the audience enjoyed it very much also. The whole concert will be up for a couple weeks at

Denny and Sean also appear on my Monday Live

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