Day 12 is a 12 Hour Sail

This is the day we had to cover a lot of miles in order to arrive in time to join Denny Breau and friends for a tribute concert to his brother, guitar icon Lenny Breau the following day. It was Lenny who taught Chet Atkins the harmonic technique that has been the basis for many of my tunes so I am looking forward to participating in the concert.
For only the second time in our trip the wind was going in a favorable direction and not only that, the tide was giving us an extra knot or so much of the way! After about 12 hours of sailing Bryan was ready to anchor anywhere out of the swells of the waves. We tucked in for dinner on the west side of Long Island, ME, only to find we were next to a popular boat thoroughfare and the wakes of passing boats were not much smaller than the waves we had experienced for many hours.

After dinner I suggested to Bryan we pull anchor and sail a couple more hours closer to our destination on the other side of the bay. Towards end of our sail it was by moonlight and I sat on the bow to watch for lobster pots. We lowered the anchor in near stillness and settled down for a peaceful night’s rest.

Note: Monday Live features Denny and Sean on my YouTube page. You can watch my concert streamed on Cadenza’s FB page

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