Leaving for Acoustic Sailing 2021

Updates on Monday Live 7pm EDT and also by subscribing to youtube.com/acousticsailing.

Bryan and I are sailing from Long Island up along the coast of Massachusetts to Central Maine and beyond. I fully expect the experience to result in the inspiration for a new album, and along the way we will be distributing instruments to kids’ music programs. The ukuleles are donated by Sam Ash and Hungry for Music, with strings by GHS. In addition, like any good citizen, we pick up plastic trash along the way to help the marine animal population in some small way.

We will keep you involved via our weekly Monday Live (when we have signal), my First Mate’s Log below, and Bryan’s beautifully edited videos on youtube.com/acousticsailing. Our patrons are very important to allow us to purchase provisions, safety items (such as the new mainsail) and to make necessary repairs. Again, thank you for joining us and for your support!

(Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a day or two, we don’t always have internet.)

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