Muriel with harp guitar performing a/v show

Muriel Anderson and Bryan Allen Weave a Spell of Music and Imagery

Guitar Player wrote a great feature about our a/v show.

“Muriel Anderson has always been one of those rare guitarists who can put so much heart into demanding music that listeners tend to absorb her formidable melodic and technical skills as something like a film soundtrack. You hear the artistry and the creativity and the effort, of course, but the elements blend seamlessly together to create the wonderful experience of being transported into her musical worlds.

But although she already has a kind of cinematic effect on listeners, Anderson found herself yearning to expand the audience experience—to find striking and evocative images to accompany her aural journeys. Enter visual artist Bryan Allen. He initially helped develop the innovative design for her award-winning Nightlight Daylight CD, then started shooting her publicity photos. Somewhere along the line, he also won Anderson’s heart, and the duo set to pooling their creative resources into the interactive, multimedia show, Wonderlust.”

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