Nightlight Daylight among GP’s Top 10 CDs

We are honored that the new 50th Anniversary Issue of Guitar Player has chosen NIGHTLIGHT DAYLIGHT in the 10 top CDs of the decade.

If you’d like a copy, use the code TOP10 for $10 off every copy in my shop. To listen, download, and more info:

We are so thankful and proud of this honor. A lot of love went into “Nightlight Daylight” and much gratitude to the wonderful musicians who added their magic, including Victor Wooten, Phil Keaggy, Mark Kibble from Take 6, Tommy Emmanuel, Stanley Jordan, Earl Klugh, Howard Levy, Beth and Danny Gottlieb, Roy (Futureman) Wooten, Adam Wooten, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Jack Pearson, Jeff Coffin, Tom Shinness, Karlton Taylor, Mary Gilmore, Cathy Chalmers, Tierra Negra, Endless Road, and members of the Nashville Symphony.

It’s a CD of music to wake to and a CD of music to drift to sleep to.  The only CD cover that gives you a light show when you push the moon makes it a great gift for all members of the family.
Among the reviews, “My 3-year old insisted on sleeping with it for 3 weeks, and the lights still work!”