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Nightlight Daylight wins 6th award




We can’t say enough good things about this unique double album. A number of well-known, world class musicians are featured, but the dominant force is Muriel Anderson’s gorgeous guitar-work. The first of the two included CDs, Nighlight, consists of 14 songs with which to relax or drift off to sleep. All are lovely. Prayer Without Ceasing is particularly pretty, and Dandelion, a solo-guitar piece, has the sort of plaintive beauty that evokes in adults a fond recollection of their own childhood. The instrumental/acoustic feel of the first disc carries over to the second – Daylight – the tone and rhythms of which are more attuned to daytime’s pulse. It kicks off with a fresh-sounding version of Here Comes The Sun, one of the set’s few non-originals. Despite the higher energy, there is nothing raucous here. Ms. Anderson is as exceptional a songwriter as she is a guitarist, and her classical training shows in the unusual range and finesse she brings to her writing and playing. There are 30 songs on this two-disc set, which comes in as lovely and high-quality a CD packaging as you could hope to find, one that includes interactive, lighted, cover art.