Wonderlust: DVD Concert with visuals


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When Muriel first encountered Bryan Allen’s work, she knew she had found her artistic soulmate–she was amazed to find that his photo-art was saying the same thing as her music. They went on to create the 11-award winning Nightlight Daylight CD, and in the process discovered that their artistic affinity extended to the heart. They combined their artistry in a live context, and this show is the result. Bryan’s stunning visuals provide an insightful backdrop to Muriel’s music, accentuating the audience experience as never before. A virtual tour around the world in music and imagery.

The DVD features new tunes, performances, images, and fun moments from the road.

Track Listing:
1. View from Space
2. A Fine Pickle
3. The Immigrant
4. The Matador
5. Two Shores
6. Ferryboat Crossing
7. Train to Arnhem
8. Sakura
9. Ammirabile Waltz
10. Summer Morning Rain
11. A Bakers Dozen
12. Bluegrass Medley
13. Under Paris Skies<

Options to view with guitar and intros, or just music and images

Extra feature: Fun moments along the recent tour of Europe.

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