Acoustic Sailing Patron



Thank you so much for supporting us and making it possible to take you along with us on our next adventure! All patrons at any level will get early access to episodes before they go live. Higher level patrons will have their names or logos inscribed on the mainsail, and we look forward to surprising you with more perks.

July 5th Bryan and I set sail from Long Island up along the coast of Massachusetts to Central Maine and beyond. I fully expect the experience to result in the inspiration for a new album, and we will be distributing instruments to kids’ music programs along the way, thanks to our patrons. We will keep you involved via our weekly Monday Live (when we have signal) and Bryan’s beautifully edited videos on Our patrons are very important to allow us to purchase provisions, safety items (such as the new mainsail and anchor) and to make necessary repairs.  Again, thank you for joining us and for your generous support.

Ongoing patrons, either monthly here or via Patreon, will get Bryan’s Photo-Art, Muriel’s Music, and even mementos mailed to them from along the way. There is a 500 min donation for logos on the sail, which will appear in each episode.

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