Tony’s Thai-style Pumpkin Soup

Happy Thanksgiving! This comes from great bassist and friend Nicki Parrott from New York. We spent a lovely day in Nashville visiting with her and her father after the Les Paul tribute co­ncert.


    Cubed pumpkin (butternut squash) Sweet Potato
    equal amount depending upon (servings)
    Red curry paste to taste
    (maybe a heaped tablespoon)
    Fish sauce to taste
    (about a tablespoon)
    Lemon or lime juice
    (about a tablespoon)
    Coconut milk
    (according to taste, about 1/2 -1 cup)
    Brown sugar


    Cook pumpkin & sweet & water together in large pot until tender – season
    Mash veggies (less cleaning up than blending)
    In a small pan, fry red curry paste till aromatic & add to pot.
    Add lemon or lime juice
    Add coconut milk
    Stir thoroughly to combine flavors
    Add water to obtain desired texture while stirring
    Add brown sugar to taste – stir
    When serving, garnish with generous amounts of cilantro (a nice contrasting flavor)


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