Yea! painless

For the first time since I was a teenager, I have no back stiffness nor pain, now for nearly a year. I went to a good podiatrist, Therese Tlapek, and got fitted for custom insoles. It seems that my arch is further forward than the arch on nearly all shoes. Also, I’ve been using the “Neck Up” or other guitar support to keep the hips and shoulders level while playing guitar. (Note, mention my name if you order one and take the suction cups off the guitar after using to avoid getting rings on the guitar finish.)
If I wear any sort of high heels, I feel some fatigue not only in the feet but also in the entire body. I finally found a more comfortable pair of dress shoes in Germany to wear in concert, but it still takes about a half a day and/or a good footrub to recover.  I much prefer sneakers and I’m about to abandon heels altogether. Would anyone like a big box of very nice high heels size 5 1/2-6?
JumpingByBryanPhoto by Bryan Allen, from Muriel’s new audiovisual show. Montespertoli, Italy.