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2021 Bryan and I sail from Long Island up along the coast of Massachusetts to Central Maine. Along the way I compose music and we distribute instruments to kids’ music programs.


Day 2 Where’s Andy 7/6

Arrival at Block Island Continuing along our journey… About 3am, Bryan called out that the dinghy had broken free. It is a patched together rowboat with mismatched oars, named “Where’s Andy,” but very important to get from the sailboat to shore. We lost sight of it when we turned the sailboat around, but Bryan was […]


Day 1 Dolphins and Onward to Block Island 7/5

Day 1 We departed on Monday morning, July 5th, after a weekend filled with Bryan’s family, close friends and neighbors who had convened for Bryan’s parents’ memorial service. Over the past few days provisions, guitars, and instruments to give away were rowed out to the sailboat in multiple trips without much organization. We took time […]


Leaving for Acoustic Sailing 2021

Updates on Monday Live 7pm EDT and also by subscribing to Bryan and I are sailing from Long Island up along the coast of Massachusetts to Central Maine and beyond. I fully expect the experience to result in the inspiration for a new album, and along the way we will be distributing instruments to […]