Day 8 Thu 7/30 Pleasant Island

We met some sailors the previous evening who told us we could use the Port Clyde ferry mooring for the night, but were politely chased off the following morning as the ferry made her entrance. So, we sailed towards mussel ridge, and ended up dropping anchor at Pleasant Island, a beautiful rocky cove with only one little house in the distance so thoughtfully tucked behind the trees it becomes part of the landscape. We rowed to the shore and lifted the dingy onto a large flat rock. Bryan worked on fixing the rope rub rail around the dingy with a drill and strong twine, while I enjoyed hopping across the rocks, finding all sorts of beautiful driftwood and lobster buoys that had drifted ashore. I had my guitar case on my back, and sat down on a rock to work on the tune I am writing for the tune contest winner from my last livestream. My feet were getting splashed as the tide was coming up quickly. I had to leap further across the rocks to get back to the dingy, just about the time Bryan was finishing up his repairs. We rowed back to Avocet as a light shower rewarded us by a brilliant double rainbow across the entire sky.

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