Day 10 Sat 8/1 Small World

Bryan and I went for a short walk along the road by the harbor where there were vey few cars. Someone in a pickup truck motioned to us, and as we approached Bryan recognized that it was a neighbor, Bill Froehlich, from his little town in Long Island. In our conversation I asked if he knew where we could find a welder to fix a small fitting on the traveler. It turns out Bill is now working in Maine in a boat building/machine shop!

That afternoon Nicholas invited us to a social-distancing outdoor jam session of performers who would have been playing at the Sweet Chariot Music & Art Festival in Swans Island this weekend. There I ran into Lisa who I met 20 years ago in CA and Doug Day who still had my card from 40 years ago in Chicago.

We loaded up on ice and Nicholas dropped us off at our boat for a nice still night on the water. We checked the weather again to track a storm which may be moving in our direction in a few days, making contingency plans for safe harbor.