Day 11 Sun Aug 2 Finding safe harbor and boarding 1871 schooner

the Stephen Taber rowing out

While Bryan moved the boat from our borrowed tie up and anchored, I joined in on a weekly jam session in front of the sail, steam and power museum. It was hosted by Captain Jim Sharp, a true salt who sang and played charming old tunes and shanties. We bought his book on his sailing adventures. Gordon Bok returned to his floating dock where we had tied up, and we had a short visit on the deck of his houseboat that he designed to accommodate his wife who lost the use of her left side due to a stroke. He’s 80 years old and still plays the occasional show with his wife on harp. It was poetic because we ended up visiting Rockland through a series of circumstances beginning with a guitar student, Bob, who only wanted to learn Gordon Bok tunes.

We are following the progress of hurricane Isaias, so we set off to find a hole in Longcove in Vinalhaven Island, where there are many coves and small islands to break the wind. I sat on the bow to direct around the many lobster pots while Bryan took the tiller. When we sailed into Bryan’s chosen spot, we found another boat had also taken anchor there, a beautiful 1871 Windjammer charter schooner, the Stephen Taber. It seemed like a lively crew on board, so after anchoring nearby we rode over with guitar on back and announce we were taking over the ship. Captain Noah seemed happy to be relieved of his duties temporarily, so he invited us on board. I gave him a CD as a ship-warming gift and after playing a couple tunes, he divulged that he is a guitar player also. He took out his guitar and we jammed on blues and old jazz tunes, well spaced apart on the breezy deck. We rowed back, cooked a late spaghetti dinner with a glass of wine, and slept well.