Day 12 Mon Aug 3rd Hunkering down for the storm, reversible waterfall

Our friend the Stephan Taber raised his sails and left to return it’s charter to Harbor, leaving Avocet alone in this part of Long Bay. Bryan rowed the dinghy further to a more secluded harbor to find a few boats and several empty mooring balls. Upon talking to a sailor on one of the boats, he learned that there was a very hearty mooring which would be no problem for us to tie up to. The owners had gone to Costa Rica and because of Covid regulations, had been unable to return. We moved the boat to that mooring, thus reducing the chance we would drift off anchor should there be a strong winds. Although the water was still gentle, there was still a great difference in tides, so much that there is a reversible waterfall, flowing one way going to high tide and the other way going to low tide. Bryan rowed out to see it while I watched a harbor seal repeatedly swim underneath the school of fish, followed by a great “whoosh”, a fountain of fish jumping into the air. A lone bald eagle was watching the top one of the tall pine trees.

When Bryan returned, between repair projects, he sat on top of the four peek to read the book we bought from Captain Jim Sharp at Sunday’s picking party. The first chapter opened with the story of how Capt. Sharp bought the Stephan Tabor, the very boat we were anchored next to. He only had six paid passengers on his maiden voyage, so he invited a crew friends including Gordon Bok, who eventually ended up living on the boat for the entire summer.