Day 13 Tue Aug 4 Gentle Storm

In the morning I rowed out to the wider bay where we had been previously anchored, to see if any texts had come in about the progress of the hurricane as it moved up the east coast. In the center of the bay I can occasionally get a few seconds fo signal, enough to receive a text but rarely enough signal to send a text. At low tide Bryan rowed to some flat rocks near the shore to collect mussels,. A collection are now hanging off the boat in a net bag where the mussels will spit sand out for a day or two before ready to clean and cook. We learned from a neighboring sailboat that in this area if we see a lobster boat, we can hold out a bucket and put two fingers in the air, and the lobsterman will drop two lobsters in the bucket, for $5 a piece regardless of the size of the lobsters. It was a day of boat repairs and waterproofing before the rain, and I played guitar and composed a bit. The wind and rain came that evening, rocking the boat even in our small protected cove. We were lucky that the bulk of the storm had dissipated inland.