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Day 47 Making Crepes at Bob & Peggy’s

We offered, or should I say Bryan offered my services to make crepes de blé noir from our Acoustic Chef book for everyone. I had many sou-chefs and each chose their customization. The first one was rather disastrous until I found the right temperature on their ultra-hot electric stove. Then they got progressively more presentable. […]


Day 46 Boothbay Harbor

We left the mooring near Allen Island towards Boothbay Harbor. There we had arranged to meet Bob Krist, Bryan’s friend and former boss in his early years of doing commercial photography. When we rowed to shore Bob was at the dock to meet us. He and Peggy have a condo overlooking Carousel Marina where we […]


Day 45 Allen Island & Mystery Island

Muscle ridge gave us a lovely sunrise, revealing at low tide an impressive number of rocks that are submerged and hidden at high tide. We abandoned one approach last night because it seemed there might be too many rocks and glad we did! En route to Allen island we went a bit south to get […]


Day 44 Two Ships passing in the Day 8-17

We had hoped to see Nick Apollonio while we were in Rockland—luthier, actor in Bryan’s vignette film, and our very first friend along the coast of Maine. However, today was a rare good sailing day so Nick seized the opportunity to set out and convene with the his sailboat. I enjoyed a morning of composing […]


Day 42 White Islands

After a rather marginal pancake breakfast from a box that dated back to Bryan’s early years aboard the boat, we headed towards the White Islands. We anchored near a few other boats. Bryan redeemed himself by making the bruschetta from our Acoustic Chef book for lunch. Mmm. We rowed to shore to hike about and […]


Day 41 Meteor Shower & Brimstone 8-14

Here is the link to a recent Acoustic Sailing episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkX0zsT0NgU I woke in the middle of the night to the sounds of two owls singing together. Bryan was not beside me, so since it was the night of the Perseod Meteor shower I figured he must have rowed out to the island to photograph […]


Day 36: A Magical Path

We left south Somes in the morning.  Bryan spotted a group of three small uninhabited islands that weren’t mentioned in the Maine cruising book, so curiosity prompted us to anchor there and row ashore. The shore was lined by egg-size multicolored stones perfectly polished by years of ocean currents. We made our was across the […]


Day 32 Another NASA Contact 8-5

I’ve gotten a bit behind on my First Mate’s log, so will try to catch up! It was a rainy morning, so we thought we’d wait until to rain let up to row to shore and make our way to the Sweet Chariot Festival festivities. However, every time the rain seemed to start to subside […]


Day 29 First Mate’s Log

I recorded last Monday Live while the tide was coming up, and had to keep running back to pull the tender higher up on the shore. It’s too heavy for me to bring it all the way up, and tides are stronger yet today, 11 feet or more. If you didn’t catch it, the link […]